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We generally only transport within California, but are open to new locations. We have a flat rate of $0.75 per mile, round trip, starting from our location in Atascadero CA. If we transport multiple pets at once, we may discount. For flight accompaniment,

see below in flight information.

Health Certificate

1. Contact us to get a price quote.

2. Fill out and send us the required forms.

3. Get a health certificate from your vet prior to pickup.

4. Pay us prior to or upon delivery.

5. We deliver your pet to your door or another location selected by you, staying in contact with you throughout your pet's journey with updates on location and ETA.

Our agreement form is a legally binding contract releasing us from liability in certain situations. Please read thoroughly, and contact us with any questions. Print, sign and mail or scan and email the form back to us prior to transport.

We require all of our clients to have their pets sent to a vet to obtain a health check certificate prior to transport. This is to prevent all of our clients (the pets) from transmitting any diseases. If your pet doesn't have one upon pickup, we don't transport. (Some exceptions made for breeders we know and work with regularly.)

We require payment either prior to or upon delivery. We take the following forms of payment:



Money Orders


Credit Card

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3% charge added for credit cards


We know that it's hard to fly your pet in cargo. Your baby is kept in a crate, alone and cold, for long periods of time. Your pet may be exposed to other animals and their illnesses, among other common worries. Don't worry, we are available to accompany your pet (if it meets size requirements) on a flight, within our reach and care every moment of its special journey home. Click here for more info.

Pet Transport Agreement